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PCA strives to empower students to lead, love, and serve an ever-changing world, built on a strong academic foundation with a Biblical worldview and the hope of Jesus Christ. We believe your child is unique and needs to be served and nurtured to their full potential as an individual.

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Pastor Jason McLaughlin

The PCA is literally a dream come true. When we first moved to pastor The Pentecostals of Fort St John in 2005, I wrote a list of dreams that I felt from God to come to pass as our church grew. In our month of Deepening February 2021, Sis Julia came to me after prayer and expressed her burden for our church to offer a Christian Academy and how she was willing to give up her career to pursue this calling to Christian Education. We are so thankful for her burden and that we now have our Christian Learning Center.


When God gives a Promise, it may take 16 years, but He will bring it to pass! Thank you to all our staff, our church, our PCA students, and to all our parents who now believe in The Dream! We are committed to growing in excellence and letting God lead us forward, and we invite you to join us on this wonderful journey. To God be the Glory!

PenFSJ Vision & Values

  • Reaching for God

  • Reaching Each Other

  • Reaching Our World

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Julia Illenseer

The Birth of The PenFSJ Christian Academy

     A few years ago, I looked around my church, young children littering the aisles, and I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a Christian school here?


     This thought, this burden, began to grip me. I kept it to myself at first and didn’t think to tell anyone about it. But when something begins to consume your thoughts, it becomes hard not to share!

     After prayer meeting during our annual month of Deepening, I was sitting and talking to my Pastor. I began to feel a heaviness to talk to him about my burden for Christian education. I looked at him and said “Pastor, I have a dream of  a Christian school here!”  Pastor Jason looked back at me and said “I have had the same vision for the past fifteen years.”

     Not a week later, Pastor called me into his office and handed me an ACE packet that clearly detailed how to start a school. We began earnestly planning. Throughout this last year, my burden has never eased, only intensified. Who can that be but God? I did not want to sit in the sidelines when I so clearly felt God leading me in this direction.

     I can’t wait to see how God is going to use us and our children and what this school will look like in the next few years. 

.Education that puts Christ first
.Educating the Mind, Nurturing the Soul

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