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Student Life



Selina, Age 13

Hi, my name is Selina Illenseer and I go to the PenFSJ Christian Academy. I really enjoy going there! Here are a few reasons why. This school not only teaches me academics, it also helps me grow in my relationship with Christ. I love starting off the day with devotions and prayer. I enjoy going to school with many Christian friends because I know I’m in a safe environment. I have already learned so much this past year!

Sadie, Age 11

Hi, my name is Sadie Lambert. I am 11 years old. I go to PenFSJ Christian Academy. It has been a real blessing to me, being surrounded by believers of Christ. I really have learned a lot at this school. I am beginning to realize how great God is. He has done miraculous things in and around the school. I thank him daily for the blessings He has put in and outside of the classroom. I am learning how to be a better believer, witness and light for God and for others, that they may know God and love Him as much as He loves us.


Noah, Age 13

My name is Noah. I love this school because we get a lot of exercise and the teachers are awesome. It is also great having a great teacher, Miss Julia. She is awesome. Another thing is that you get to do devotions in the morning and you get to pick a song to sing.

Keely, Age 15

My name is Keely Katerberg and I am a fifteen year old student. I attend the PenFSJ Christian Academy. There are many reasons why I like going to this school, but the main reason is that everyone gets along so well. Even the older students like myself get along with the younger students. The teachers are very kind and help you patiently with each question. That is something I really appreciate as I am a slow learner.


AJ, Age 12

My name is AJ and I’m going to be stating why I like this school. I like this school because you can switch subjects whenever. For example, if I am spending a lot of time on Math and need a break, I can switch to Science. There are many more things I like about this school but there are too many to list.

Delila, Age 10

I love this school because everyone is so kind. We do lots of cool things, like learn how to skate or play hockey. The teachers are awesome and sweet. We really like our gym teacher. We call him Mr. “Cool Guy.”


Arianna, Age 9. 

Hi, My name is Arianna. I am here because I wanted to see what is was like to not be homeschooled anymore. And this is the best school ever and I am glad I am here.

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